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Nasya G
21 September 2012 @ 07:09 pm

Title: Kiss and Regret

Genre: romance

Fandom: super junior

Pairing: kyuhyun + OC character

Length: oneshot [1/1]

Rating: G

Additional Information: Inspired by the manga with the same title: 'Kiss and Regret'. Storyline might be really similar. Credits to the mangaka for making such an awesome plot~

It's too late now. I should have realised it before.
Eunmi had never known that her childhood bestfriend Kyuhyun had fallen in love with her before he tried to kiss her in the MRT station, a kiss which she had refused. Now Kyuhyun is the famous evil maknae of Super Junior, and she finally realises how far he is from her, making her feel really sad. To top it all off, she just realised her deep feelings for him; feelings she never thought she had. After years of staring at him in music videos and dropping her tears one after another, she finally got a chance to change everything. She was determined to tell him her feelings about him, even if he already set his eyes on another girl, so she won't ever imagine the forgotten kiss and regret ever again.

{ Kiss and Regret }Collapse )

thanks for reading and comment on it please! ^^

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Nasya G
21 September 2012 @ 05:28 pm
It's GIF sharing time! With a story, of course lol

--Take out with full credit
--GIFs are not mine
--Credit to respective owners

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I'm sorry I was just bored ;__;
Nasya G
Title: When the World Goes Silent -- prologue: [ soundless ]
Genre: angst, romance
Fandom: shinee
Pairing: jongkey
Length: threeshot [0/3]
Rating: PG-13
Synopsis: Jonghyun has never dreamed of the worst; his life was perfect, he had fans, he had money and he could sing as much as he wanted to. His parents are alive and well, and he has friends he never thought he would have.
But disaster struck like always, and now the future seems dark to him.
Only one person holds the key to his light: Kim Kibum. It's all up to him now, and if he's too late, Jonghyun may never ever see the pearlescent sky blue sea again.

He stared at the moon longingly. How he wished he could fly up there, rise like the air and grasp the shining globe. His hands instinctively reached up and grabbed for the moon, but like every other night, all he had taken was a handful of oxygen, nothing more and nothing less.

It was a quiet night like most. The cool breeze blew softly, just hard enough to dishevel his brown hair and change the direction of the flow of his silent tears. Silent. Everything was so silent that night. Just too silent.

He could see the lake shimmering but all he could hear was silence. The ominous silence that was killing him silently within, threatening to take his life away slowly, quietly.

Leaves rustled from the wind, but the boy sitting on the wooden bench sat still, not aware about what was going around him. The park soon grew darker and darker as the moon hid behind the clouds. The boy stood up wearily, softly touched his right ear and smiled sadly, not even caring about the dried up tears on his cheeks.

The shining stars littering the endless night sky reminded him of his friends. Shining forever, so they would say. But his glow was dimming and slowly he would fade away until he will cease to exist.

A familiar face flashed through his mind. Oh how he wish he could hear that man's laughter once more. Hear him sing so delicately and passionately. However his wish was no more, blown by the wind, far far away to the land where all impossible wishes end up.

That day was 14 September 2012; the day Jonghyun became deaf.

coming up next ~> chapter one: [ loveless ]
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